The Serafin company was founded in 1997.
It is run by Corinne I. Heitz Phd
The Serafin Company is divided into 3 sections:

1. Naturopathic Clinic
Specialized in holistic diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases

2. Wholesales Company for pharmacieuticals (only for Swizerland)
Tis site is available in German only

3. Professional training and education for medical therapists
Education and Training in Thermography and Microimmune Therapy


Serafin AG
Kronenstrasse 745
CH-9427 Wolfhalden

tel. +41 (0)71 891 32 40
fax. +41 (0)71 891 32 47

Our Conditions:


Consultations 180 SFr. p. Hour

first appointment includes blood taking and into depth anamnesis 1.5 hours
second appointment 1 hour


If you have contracted an additional (Swiss) Health-insurance for alternative medicine, most of the Treatments will be covered.

We are registered with EMR (Erfahrungs-Medizinisches Register, Basel)
and NVS-A Member (Naturärzte-Verband Schweiz)

Exception: Helsana and Helsana Group do not cover our bills.

Microimmune-therapy costs (approximate):
From our experience we know, that the costs are more or less:
first year ca. 4500.- CHF (Euro 3750.-)
2. year ca. 3500.- CHF (Euro 3000.-)
3. year ca. 2500.- CHF (Euro 2100)
this includes Laboratory-Analysis , 2 Consultations and Medication for 12 month.

Any other therapy or diagnostic needs to be charged separately.

If you need to cancel your appointment:

In case of sickness or other reason, please cancel within 48 hours before your appointment.
Otherwise we need to charge the time, we had reserved.

For appointments (also changing) please call our office: Email is NOT accepted!